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>Robert Bardunias

About The Speaker

Robert Bardunias

Vice President of Special Operations and Projects for GetSwift |Disrupting Crowdfunding|

With background in computer engineering, an MBA in Finance and Marketing, and Degrees in English, Business and Physics, most of Robert’s professional experience has revolved around the tech industry with a focus on Emerging Technology. Most recently, as Co-Founder/CRO of IRIS.TV, Rob and his team built a Personalization business that led innovation across companies like Google, Comcast, AOL, Brightcove, NBC, CBS and the NFL. As Co-Founder/Managing Director and CFO of MGID, Robert led the company to become the top audience development exchange in the world and an exit to the largest international Private Equity firm in Eastern Europe. He brings experience from a long career working in marketing, data, finance, and technology, having worked with and for brands like Verizon, Turner Broadcasting, Sinclair, Comcast, Warner Brothers, IBM, National Lampoon and Virgin.