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>Dr. Stephen Hollingshead

About The Speaker

Dr. Stephen Hollingshead

CEO of ChangeInEx |Keynote Speaker|

ChangeInEx CEO Dr. Stephen Hollingshead has worked on economic development in Iraq, Mexico, and Libya. He brings his knowledge as a former financial regulator and economic advisor to solving the global derisking crisis–banks pulling back from developing markets because of post-9/11 regulation. His work to address genocide and the refugee crisis informs the ChangeInEx model: Only extending basic property rights–to buy and sell, prove your identity, and hold title–can solve this great humanitarian crisis and give families the dignity of productive work.

Dr. Hollingshead served in the Bush Administration as the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Enforcement. He has also served on the Compliance & Risk Management and Audit Committees of the board of MERSCorp Holdings, Inc.